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The Windmill Winery Partners with GreenTree in Expansion

05 Aug The Windmill Winery Partners with GreenTree in Expansion

The Windmill Winery is proud to announce a partnership with GreenTree Inns Hotel Management Group Inc. to develop luxury cottages, a microbrewery and fourth wedding venue.


Opposite of the “Big Barn,” the new facilities will be located on the south side of Butte Avenue and are expected to open in the fall of 2017.

Landmarked by a rustic cotton gin, the expansion will feature a collection of luxury cottages named The Lodging at The Windmill Winery. Seventeen single-story bungalow-style cottages will be available for guests to stay close to the venue. Cottages will range from 500 – 850 sq ft. and will feature both front and back porches.

Aptly named The Cotton Gin at The Windmill Winery, the restaurant and microbrewery will be set amidst an orchard to pay homage to the heritage of Arizona. The landmark gin was previously located in Coolidge and was last used a decade ago. It’s 60 by 100 feet and is 45 feet high and is surely set to be a staple of the venue for years to come.

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