Featured Wedding: Melissa & Peter’s Boho Barn Wedding Aug 01, 2014

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We are so excited to feature Melissa and Peter’s Big Day! The Bride’s unique style perfectly blended timeless elegance with just the right touch of boho chic. The florals (included that gorgeous flower crown!) were done by Sarah’s Garden, and we can’t get enough of the dreamy photos captured by Lear Miller Photography.



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 “I can’t explain how truly amazing our wedding was thanks to the Windmill Winery!” – Windmill Bride Melissa

For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.


Featured Wedding: Kelly & Mark’s Golden Barn Wedding Apr 10, 2014

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A gorgeous golden and gray color scheme, glamorous accents, and just a touch of burlap, are the ingredients to one beautiful day. Add Sheryl with Simply Beautiful Weddings & Events into the mix, and you know it’s going to be good! Kelly and Mark’s Barn Wedding was nothing short of stunning, and full of fun and personal touches. The bride wore her mother’s veil down the aisle, and the personal s’mores kits were an absolute favorite. Lesley’s Creative Cakes provided the cake that matched the day so perfectly, and the one and only Brushfire Photography captured it all amazingly.





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“We could not have imagined a better venue for our wedding. The staff and owner could not have been nicer. The venue is stunning and our guests could not stop raving about how amazing the site was. The best part is that they continue to add new options and improve themselves.” – Windmill Bride Kelly

For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.

Styled Shoot: The Lake House at The Windmill Winery Nov 08, 2013

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We have been DYING to get our hands on images from this fabulous styled shoot with Brushfire Photography, featuring our new venue, The Lake House. Brushfire pulled their inspiration from from deep jewel tones that are really popular this fall. We just can’t get enough of the that deep red and moody blue! Sarah’s Garden truly brought the shoot to life with the most amazing florals!

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For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.

Featured Wedding: Melissa & Nick’s Intimate Outdoor Wedding Oct 28, 2013

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Every once in a while we get to experience a truly one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Melissa and Nicks’ intimate Wine Barn wedding was definitely one of those events. We are so thrilled to have received this beautiful account from the Bride herself. Read her beautiful words and see photos of their Big Day, captured by Cadwallader Photography.

Dancing down the aisle
by Melissa Crohn

Nick and I knew two things when we booked the Windmill Winery: we wanted our wedding to be “us,” and we wanted people to walk away from it thinking, “That was the best wedding EVER.” Well, a note about that last part…to be perfectly honest, Nick was the one who cared about our guests. I started out a little bridezilla: I cared how I walked away from my special day and everybody else had better get on the train and make choo-choo noises! But lucky for me, that feeling eroded away under the gentle pressure of a game-changing idea: that love is not just about the two people in it, but about the people and experiences that led them to love, and taught them to love well. My October 5th wedding at the Windmill was a celebration of that idea, and the 62 loved ones who brought it to life.


Picking a theme for the wedding was the hardest part for us. We are definitely a non-traditional couple, but not so much so that we were going to have a baseball, beer, or dinosaur-themed wedding – the best we could come up with according to our interests. The best decision we ever made was to make “family and friends” our theme, and to inject family memories and artifacts into every facet of the day. After a year of careful planning, I walked down the aisle carrying a bouquet of garden roses and dusty miller with sprigs of cotton intermixed, a tribute to my dad, who took me to pick cotton on the way to school when I was in kindergarten.4 Each of our centerpieces featured a lit antique lantern ringed by framed childhood and wedding photos we collected from our guests with their RSVPs. Our moms spent an entire summer gathering old family wedding photos, some four generations old, so that we could hang an emblem of their lifelong love on display. 5Our favors were antique keys tied with a hand-written tag describing why each person was “the key to our success” in life and love. I danced with my dad to a recording of him playing a piano piece my Grandpa composed, and we closed the evening with the song “The Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie, which Nick’s family watched religiously when he was young. Anything we brought in meant something to someone we loved; everywhere we went, people were telling stories and passing around photos, squealing “You remember that?!” and creating a kind of love snowball effect not just for me and Nick, but that we all got to play in all night long.

6 pizap.com13829381452651

12 pizap.com13829384658031Now, we weren’t entirely selfless. Some elements were just for us. I’m not sure anyone could hear our vows, for example, and we were OK with keeping those words for ourselves.





But the elements that were totally “us” benefited everyone, I think. For one, Nick and I aren’t religious nor were we thrilled with the idea of having a stranger stand inches from us as we shared one of the most intimate moments of our lives. So we recruited Nick’s friend Andy, ordained online and unashamed to begin the ceremony a la Princess Bride. Andy’s ceremony sandwiched sweetness with the corniest of comedy, and we (and our guests) LOVED it. Instead of fighting nerves and tears (ok, maybe still tears), we hooted and howled with our guests. At one point I literally jumped up and down in my oh-so-serious lace gown, and Nick and I high-fived after Andy told us plainly that “love is being stupid together,” which we tooootally have covered.


And, well…our recession was case in point. We never really planned on cracking up over and over during our ceremony, but we did plan to end it with a bang. I mean, who wants to walk sedately into the future, especially when the immediate future is a party?! So as we had our first kiss as man and wife, our DJ Joel Gibbs dropped a beat (‘Everybody’ by Backstreet Boys), and as we were pronounced, I gathered my train and we launched into the aisle like the recently hitched rock stars we are.

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Oh, there were awkward white boy moves. There was the hammer dance, or as close as one can get when wearing a mermaid-cut gown with a train. The best man and maid of honor rocked a lasso dance; the bridesmaids and groomsmen kicked it old school with the shopping cart and cabbage patch; my mom and dad tangoed and Nick’s parents got down with the flower girl. And as if it wasn’t enough fun in the moment, I now get to say truthfully that I held my husband’s hand and danced into married life.


29 With so much fun and meaning infused into our day, Nick and I felt disaster-proof on October 5th. It did not matter that our cake was round instead of square, that we’d left at home the 75 candles I’d hand-tagged with calligraphy for a special guest-participatory unity candle, or that one of Nick’s groomsmen had bought a blue vest instead of grey. We just laughed it off; our wedding was about people, not cake or candles or vests, so it didn’t matter if a few bits here or there didn’t pan out. Hell, it didn’t matter if NONE of them panned out! We were getting MARRIED, surrounded by the people we loved most in the world.


33 pizap.com13829388867311 The tags on the forgotten candles our guests would have lit as they wound a trail of light up the aisle to our unity candle would have read, “You lit the path that led us to each other,” a phrase that perfectly captures the magic of our day. We got to celebrate not only our love, but the lives that led us to stand hand in hand under the Twisted Tree, all the people who taught us what it takes to foster lifelong love and family, and the light we will generate together – all of us – in the years to come, dancing all the way.




For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.


Featured Wedding: Charlene & Matt’s Magical Barn Wedding Oct 04, 2013

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Windmill bride Char was going for a rustic but elegant wedding that was truly a reflection of the bride & groom. Their magical Barn wedding captured that theme perfectly. We are always a sucker for neutrals and blush tones and we adored the unique bohemian vibe of her jeweled headwrap. Catering was provided by GoldStar Catering, the beautiful cake was created by none other than Lesley’s Creative Cakes, and can you believe those florals are DIY!? These amazing photos were captured by the dynamic duo behind Jeff + Amber Photography and we just can’t get enough of them!


windmill-winery-wedding09windmill-winery-wedding02windmill-winery-wedding10windmill-winery-wedding07windmill-winery-wedding13windmill-winery-wedding-photographer15 windmill-winery-wedding-photographer14windmill-winery-wedding-photographer16 windmill-winery-wedding11windmill-winery-wedding-photographer19windmill-winery-wedding-photographer20windmill-winery-weddings28 windmill-winery-weddings27windmill-winery-wedding-photographer24windmill-winery-weddings33 windmill-winery-weddings31 windmill-winery-weddings30windmill-winery-weddings37 windmill-winery-wedding-photos42windmill-winery-weddings38 windmill-winery-wedding-photos51 windmill-winery-photographer53windmill-winery-wedding-photos52 windmill-winery-photographer57 windmill-winery-photographer59“The winery was a perfect fit for us because it was both rustic and elegant. The staff was awesome, the venue is incredible, and it was an absolute perfect day!” – Windmill Bride Char

For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.

Featured Wedding: Whitney & Trevor’s County Wedding Aug 30, 2013

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If there is one thing we love hosting, it’s a truly country wedding! Whitney and Trevor’s country but glamorous Barn Wedding was definitely a highlight of the summer. From the picnic tables at the reception to the cowboy boot centerpieces, every detail was authentic and so fitting for this Rodeo couple. Sheryl with Simply Beautiful Weddings and Events provided the florals, Lesley’s Creative Cakes provided the stunning mint hued cake, and every detail was beautifully captured by Ivory Orchid Photography. We are so thrilled to have been part of this special day!

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For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.

Featured Wedding: Tanya & Troy’s Barn Wedding Aug 23, 2013

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There are so many words we could use to describe Tanya & Troy: Beautiful, Genuine, Happy, and most of all FUN! What a joy to be included in their Big Day. We loved their decor scheme of Lavender, Lace, and LOVE. The beautiful purple color scheme popped in the Barn and Sheryl with Simply Beautiful Wedding & Events provided the perfect combination of rustic burlap and elegant floral tablescapes. The amazing catering was provided by the talented Chef Ed of Kiss The Chef Catering, and none other than the wonderful Brushfire Photography captured the day perfectly.

pizap.com13772828679161 pizap.com13772007674781





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“Our June 14th, 2013 wedding at the Windmill Winery was absolutely perfect- truly exceeded my expectations. The grounds and barn were beautiful and the staff was second to none. My wedding coordinator, Karen Podrasky was great to work with. She had everything under control throughout the planning stages and during the wedding and reception. She even managed to keep me from flipping out (wedding day jitters). My guests were elated at what a wonderful place the windmill winery is- no one could believe this beautiful place existed tucked away in Florence, AZ. Many of our friends and family are still talking about the wedding. Thanks again to everyone at the Windmill Winery for a fabulous wedding day.” – Windmill Bride Tanya

For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.

Featured Wedding: Amity & Sam’s Rustic Windmill Wedding Aug 05, 2013

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This beautiful “Burlap and Lace” and PINK wedding is definitely one for the books! This bride and groom incorporated so many personal touches, from the converse tennies, cheery dessert table, and even an ice cream truck for cocktail hour! The perfectly feminine flowers were provided by Garden Gate Flowers, and Lesley’s Creative Cakes provided the most gorgeous pink ruffled cake! The day was captured beautifully by Alissa Melody Photography!


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“We looked at probably every wedding venue in AZ, and even started thinking about a destination wedding because we could not find what we wanted in AZ. We then came across Windmill Winery and immediately fell in love with it! From the charming barn to the horse and carriage, it was so unique and more than we could if ever imagined! We had such a great experience from the beginning to the end; everyone was so helpful and generous! Our big day was so incredibly perfect because of the Windmill Winery!! All of our guests were extremely impressed and could not stop raving about how amazing our wedding was! I would highly recommend this venue to everyone!” – Windmill Bride Amity

For information on hosting your big day at The Windmill Winery, please submit an inquiry HERE, or contact us at 480-313-2303.