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Summer Wedding Prep

Summer Wedding Prep

Beat The Heat With These Sweet Treats

The temperature continues to rise well into the night with no relief in sight. Ita��s summertime in Arizona. Surprise your guests with a memorable dessert to give everyone that extra boost before they hit the dance floor. Check out the list below that will make your guests forget about cake.

Frozen Yogurt Bar

Pick a few of your favorite flavors (did someone say cake batter?) and let your guests go crazy by choosing from a selection of toppings. If frozen yogurt isna��t your thing, try sorbet. Come up with fun new flavors perfect for summer weddings like blackberry-cocoa or peach rose-champagne.

Cookie Bar

Pick a variety of cookies that each of your families had growing up to bring everyone together.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

You can keep it classic with a chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream or get creative. What about huckleberry ice cream sandwiches made with ginger cookies?

Dessert Shots

Turn your favorite dessert into a tasty dessert shooter.


If youa��re looking for a dessert with some color that will flawlessly match your wedding colors, this French dessert is for you. Try displaying them on a tiered platter for an extra touch.


Nothing says summer like a freshly baked pie. Treat your guests to a variety of your favorites.

Fruit Tarts

Keep is light and refreshing with a variety of fruit tarts. Pick colors to match the venue or wedding colors.

Fruit & Cream Pops

Blend fresh fruit and heavy cream. Hand them out after you exchange vows, or pass them around late-night once the dancing heats up.

Sweet Snow Cone Station

This classic refreshment is all grown up thanks to the addition of alcoholic syrups. During the reception, adults can help themselves at a station stocked with cups, crushed ice, and mojito, peach daiquiri, cosmo, and margarita cocktail syrups. Use glasses to catch drips and straws to slurp up every last drop.