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Gather Your Guests’ Wedding Photos

Gather Your Guests’ Wedding Photos

Experience your wedding through the eyes of your guests.

The wedding photographer has gotten all of the essential pictures you requested, but there are a ton of fun, unforgettable photos out there courtesy of your guests. After the wedding the last thing you want to do is spend time tracking them all down, so here are some tips on how to gather your guestsa�� photos.

Create a hashtag:

Create a hashtag that represents your personalities and that your guest can easily remember.

Is your new last name going to be Holmes? #HappilyEverHolmes. How about Cramer? #CramerPartyof2. Make your hashtag uniquely yours.

Get your friends to use the hashtag:

There are a bunch of elegant and decorative ways to incorporate your hashtag into the day that will seamlessly blend into the venue. A perfect example are the Chalkboards available here at the Winery.

Save the hashtagged photos:

You can save all of your hashtagged photos to your personal storage device or post them to Facebook for all of your guests to enjoy.

Print your photos:

Share the memory of your day at your home or with family and friends by printing your photos in a fun and creative way. You can flashback to your day all year long with a calendar from Prinstagram or choose a unique display from a vendor like Tiny Prints.