The Windmill in the Community Oct 26, 2012

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The Windmill Winery recently had the opportunity to participate in the RO2 Pop-up Park and Public Art Space initiative in downtown Phoenix by donating some of the trees from the nursery. The RO2 Pop-up Park’s goal is to turn abandoned lots into small pocket parks creating an oasis in the otherwise concrete jungle that is downtown Phoenix.

The Pop-up Park is located at the corner of Roosevelt and 2nd Street, next to the MonOrchid art gallery. What was once an empty dirt corner lot is nearly unrecognizable with it’s beautifully landscaped green lawn surrounded by a variety of the Windmill’s trees. ASU students also joined the effort by creating a massive art piece that serves as the park’s “organic shade and seating sculpture” known as “Peritoneum” – or as locals refer to it as the Whale’s Rib Cage.

peritoneum construction atri zen.jpg

On September 21, the Windmill staff took a field trip from Florence all the way to downtown Phoenix to attend the park’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Thanks to Damon from The Holiday Inn Express in Florence for providing transportation for the evening! Mayor Greg Stanton was on hand to kick off the event and expressed his support of the initiative as well as the goal to expand the Pop-up Park concept throughout the greater Phoenix area.

We love what Phoenix Revitalization Project is doing for the community and we’re excited to be a part of the movement. Soon, these parks will be popping up everywhere! In the meantime, next time you happen to be near Roosevelt & 2nd Street, swing by the park, stay awhile and RELAX!