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About Sunshine & Reign Photography

We’re Amii & Andy, Sunshine & Reign Photography. We’re married. We’re parents and home school our five kids. We have a bunch of tattoos. A Mohawk. A beard. And we’re photographers. But we’re more than that. We’re story tellers. And we tell our clients’ stories through photographs that represent what’s most important to them … who they are and who they love.

When you go through a photographic experience with us, you get so much more than a click of a camera. First, we spend time getting to know you. Whether it’s a family or a high school senior session; a maternity or newborn session; or a forever session with a couple … or a wedding, we take the time to get to know everyone important to you … who, and what, you love and who, and what, you would love to celebrate. After spending time talking with you and your loved ones on the phone, we capture you in an hour and a half portrait session or we document your journey through the entirety of your wedding day, from the moment you start getting ready until the party’s over. Next, we premiere your photographs. After carefully selecting the photographs that best represent you and your loved ones, we take you through a cinematic journey that showcases photographs that capture the meaning of what’s truly valuable to you. Finally, we work with you to select your favorite photographs, to be designed as wall art for your home, collections that will remind you of your love and your loved ones daily … and that you will treasure for a lifetime.

So who are we? … Who are Amii & Andy? What is Sunshine & Reign Photography all about? We’re really a reflection of the amazing people we are honored to photograph … The stories we tell are the stories of our clients … and the wall art that hangs in our clients homes displays their love and what they value, which is all a reflection of their photographic experience with us. How rad is that? Well, we’d say it’s pretty rad! And that’s why we say: Be Rad! Become Love!

 Amii & Andy