Our Story


We originally purchased the property that is now known as The Windmill Winery in 2001, in order to house our expanding plant nursery. At the time it was a weather-beaten, shack-strewn farm that had seen better days. The history of the property indicates that it was Arizona’s first brickyard, established in 1906, and known as the “George Smith Brick Foundry.” Many of the historic buildings in Phoenix and Florence were built with bricks that were handmade by George and his two sons.


When it was no longer a brickyard, the property was leased to other Smith family members, who converted it into a small dairy farm. It is said that Mrs. George Smith lived out her days here, on the farm.


After purchasing the property, we found that along with the old buildings, we also acquired a “ton of bricks.” In keeping with history, we used those bricks to create the grand entrance to The Windmill Winery, the Aqueduct Arches for our ceremony site, and many of the walkways throughout the grounds. The buildings that were salvageable were refurbished and are being used today: our Shabby Chic Bridal Cottage for the Barn venue and our charmingly rustic Wine Tasting Room are just two of these buildings.



The Windmill Winery is an amazing place in its own right, but without its people, this experience would be lacking. We fully appreciate that the smallest of things can make or break your event, which is why we always strive to create a seamless experience for each one of our customers. Whether it is our office personnel working hard behind the scenes, your personal Event Coordinator by your side until the last person leaves, or the groundskeepers constantly busy in order to keep our venues looking their best.  The staff of The Windmill Winery is much like a family, and extremely passionate about its success.  We’d like to welcome you to the fold, and hope that you achieve continued success in your lives.

Why we love stories

You may have noticed that everything on our campus has a story attached to it.  There are a lot of other nice venues out there, and they may offer amenities which differ from ours, but without an ever-evolving storyline, time spent there will not be memorable.  Here at The Windmill Winery, we believe that it is the stories that make the difference: whether it is that of the Big Barn, the George Smith Brick Foundry, the Beer Burro, or the experiences of our people, who come from near and far.  We love sharing our stories with you, and are very proud to be a part of the newest chapter in yours.


As cliché as it may be, the most befitting description of The Windmill Winery, is to say that it truly is: “An oasis in the middle of the desert.”  When you approach the property you will become aware of a sense of serenity, as aroused by the ethereal view appearing before you.  As the classic iron gates swing open, one can’t help but envision a beautiful bride emerging through the arbors on her horse-drawn carriage.  The lakes, grass, trees, and other flora only add to the whimsical environment, invoking long-forgotten memories of the magical gardens we may have visualized as children.

Why Florence, Arizona

A lot of people ask us why we would think of putting a wedding venue in Florence, a city known for its prison. We don’t view the prison as a negative thing that should be avoided, we look at it for an opportunity for a second chance. We have had the amazing opportunity to have some of the prisoners hand craft things for our property, and we want to be involved in this community.


If you look around our property, almost everything is given a second chance. We believe that things have a deep beauty to them when you pay attention, and so we love taking broken and old things and making them beautiful again. Florence was just the place for us to create this kind of an environment.


In order to make your experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, we have put together an all-inclusive package.  This leaves you free to take care of the most important thing of all: yourself.  We invite you to join us at one of our Open Houses, so you can meet our preferred vendors, discuss the choices available with them, and best of all you can sample their wares!

Why the Cost

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things people do. Many times couples are just ready for the wedding to be over because they are over their head in planning and trying to coordinate everything. We don’t think that weddings should be stressful. We want to give our guests a lasting memory.


Our cost incorporates many of the things you end up paying for but don’t realize when you are setting a budget for you wedding (Catering, tables and chairs, sound equipment, coordinators etc). For what we include in our packages, it would be difficult to do it much cheaper. While it is possible, but the cost is made up for in the added stress. At the end of the day, we deeply want our guests to experience the beauty of their wedding without any of the distractions.